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Professional and Affordable Bankruptcy lawyers in Tampa


There are many choices available to those considering bankruptcy. "They say that bankruptcy lawyers can cost a fortune, but do they really cost that much?" Many bankruptcy lawyers offer a free consultation when you file for bankruptcy. states one article on the issue.

bankruptcy lawyers tampa

Bankruptcy Lawyers Tampa Bay offers many different types of legal representation for clients with a credit card and unsecured debt. "We have lots of debt help specialists that will work with you, and we are happy to offer debt consolidation and debt settlement as well," states Stanley J. Galewski, a bankruptcy attorney in Tampa. "When it comes to filing bankruptcy, we have many different people coming to us, and we have many different types of people that we work with." In Tampa, one lawyer notes that many different people come to him with financial problems when they are unable to repay their credit card debts.

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The majority of lawyers also offer a free legal consultation to potential clients. "Many people who file for bankruptcy are unable to do so without professional assistance," states Galewski, a bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa. Galewski notes that he does not charge for his time and all of his services and he gives a free consultation for his client.


To find a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Tampa, one needs to visit local courts and county courthouses. One will find that filings for bankruptcy are listed in the public records. In Tampa, for example, one can request a copy of the record from the court that handles bankruptcy cases. It is also necessary to fill out an application, stating why the bankruptcy is necessary and where one is filing the bankruptcy. This application is then filed with the court where the case is pending. It is important to understand what forms must be completed because each state has different requirements.


Once the paperwork has been filed with the court, the case will be listed for an initial hearing. At this time it will become necessary for the bankruptcy attorney to further explain the circumstances of the case and the procedures that must be followed in order to file. After he does this he will be able to determine if a hearing will be necessary and if so, when it will be scheduled. Most people who are filing for bankruptcy are not required to appear personally; however, it is always helpful to have some proof of attendance, such as a bill for the service. Finding an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Tampa will certainly help those that are financially strapped and are looking for a way to come out of their situation.


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